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Diaper Essentials Bundle - Cloth Diaper w/ Rainbow Pail Liner & Accessories (5 pcs) **PRE-ORDER**

Diaper Essentials Bundle - Cloth Diaper w/ Rainbow Pail Liner & Accessories (5 pcs) **PRE-ORDER**

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** Please note that these diaper bundles are PRE-ORDER.
All orders containing diaper bundles are expected to ship by May 15, 2024.**


We've curated this convenient diaper essentials bundle to enhance little one's comfort and streamline diapering routine. Enjoy this amazing package and save 30%!

Bundle includes:

  • 1 Reusable Cloth Pocket Diaper (Adjustable 7-35 lbs)
  • 1 Diaper Pail Liner
  • 1 Wet and Dry Bag
  • 1 Reusable Diaper Inserts (2-pk)
  • 1 Disposable Diaper Liners (Roll of 100 sheets)

Pocket Diapers:

ZOOCCHINI’S ultra-absorbent One-Size Reusable Pocket Diapers are designed to provide a customizable fit for most babies from birth to potty training stage – approximately 7-35 lbs (3-16 kgs).

Our uniquely designed 2-piece diapering system - a waterproof exterior combined with one or two ultra-absorbent inserts - makes a dependable diaper for both day and night time use.

Diaper Pail Liners:

Featuring an elastic opening that fits snugly around most standard-sized pails, these durable, water resistant liners will keep diaper pail clean while holding soiled cloth diapers. Simply lift out the liner and transport it mess-free to the washing machine. Toss the liner into the wash along with the diapers - easy peasy!

Wet and Dry Bag:

Keep dirty diapers, wet swim gear or toiletries contained in our versatile and stylish wet & dry bag featuring an exclusive ZOOCCHINI print. This water resistant pouch fits up to four soiled cloth diapers and includes a zippered mesh pocket for small essentials like travel wipes and a couple of dry inserts.

Reusable Diaper Inserts (2-pk):

Includes 2 pieces of serge edge full size inserts with snaps to secure inside the diaper pocket. Each insert is made from 4 uber-absorbent layers of easy to wash, quick dry Rayon/Polyester terry for absorbency.

Disposable Diaper Liners (Roll of 100 sheets):

Make diaper clean-up easier with our soft, 100% biodegradeable diaper liners. To use, place the liner inside the clean diaper before diapering. Fluids will pass through and solids will remain. When it’s time for a diaper change, simply lift out the liner along with the solid waste and discard in the garbage. It’s that easy! Our liners are untreated and contain no chemicals, dyes or perfumes so they’re safe against baby’s sensitive skin.

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